The perfect solution that worked for me to wake up early

One of the most difficult challenge in an individual personal or professional life is to wake up early, It is even a dream for some of us and a serious issue for others.

We all know that waking up early is worthless if we are not in full energy, or at least in a good mood.

Sleep quality is a major criterion to waking up early.

So, what is the hidden secret that most of successful people know and apply ?

In reality!, there is no hidden secret and no magic guide, all these are words used by bloggers to gain attention no more, no less.

The secret is in front of us since the day one of this universe. Day & Night!!

Have you heard before about the biological clock and sleep hormone ?

Your body makes the sleep hormone “Melatonin”, when the sun goes down. It peaks at 9pm and become almost inactive when the sun goes up.

The brain produces this hormone when darkest; it makes you sleepy since the day of born.

Unfortunately, and because of today’s technologies, we suffer from what’s they call light pollution by using TV, Phone and all other technologies before going to sleep which impact the sleeping cycle .

What is the perfect time to go to sleep ?

The perfect time to sleep as of some research is between 22pm and 6am, it could also be from 21am to 7am as it depends on the age of a person.

This pattern helps your body rest, which makes you feel full of energy on the wake up.

If this is not your daily pattern, then it will take some time and motivation to get used to it, maybe 3 days or one week!. But once it’s the case, you will immediately start collecting benefits.

This sleep cycle is to maintain also on the weekend, or at least with a minor difference. This is important for your body to recognise when to go deeper in sleep and when not.

Following these rules will also let you sleep less and rest more, this improves your sleep quality and will make you wake up early.

To be continued…

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