Brightness issue on monitor using HDMI

If you were surprised with a brightness issue on your monitor after using the HDMI cable then this post is for you.

Nowadays, almost all new laptops have HDMI port instead of DVI.

This encouraged me to buy a new monitor with support to both HDMI and DVI.

The first thing i noticed after connecting the new monitor to laptop with HDMI cable was a kind of abnormal brightness, like if a white filter was applied to my screen.

monitor with brightness issue

Monitor with brightness issue

monitor without brightness issue

Monitor without brightness issue

First thing, i thought it was related to the monitor contrast… configuration and went playing with it,but couldn’t success to get the correct display.

Then, i searched on the internet for similar issue in windows 10.

Some of the folks advised to try the windows calibration tool, however even that didn’t resolve the problem. Also, the DVI cable worked fine with the correct display.


The issue was caused by the refresh rate value of the external monitor which was incorrect in the graphics card settings.

The brightneess disapeared after adjusting the value with the same as the internal monitor refresh rate in the graphics card settings, Intel in my case. (from 59pHz to 60pHz)

To do so, follow the below steps:

  • Right-click on desktop -> Select Intel graphics setting
  • Select Display -> Select your external monitor from the list
    Intel Display
  • Go to refresh rate -> Select the higher value
    Intel refresh rate
  • Apply

This resolved the issue in my monitor, however if it didn’t for yours then may be you can try changing the brightness in the graphics card color settings.

If you are facing the same issue in a different system such as Linux and this solution was helpful, please don’t hesitate to add a comment.

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